In Liz’s own words: “Self proclaimed crazy cat lady. I’ve always been around animals since I was a child, from “creepy crawlies” to cows.
I am momma to 4 unique little kitties (Oscar, Boo, Fox, Kiddo) and 1 hyper hellhound (Ripley).  All of my children have been adopted out of bad situations or given to me by friends. I firmly believe in Adopt don’t shop!

When I’m not at my home away from home (Bay Cat & Dog) you can find me taking advantage of the outdoors by immersing myself in nature. My hobbies include archery, fishing, and obsessing over my fur babies. I have a passion for wildlife and creatures of all shapes and sizes. I cant express how much I love having the opportunity to make a real difference for pet owners like myself, by working alongside some of the most caring people.

I plan to further educate myself in understanding more about our four legged friends and by going above and beyond to dedicate my time to caring for every fur or furless child that walks into Bay Cat and Dog Hospital as if they were my own. 💜💚😸”

Liz is now also  a Certified Cat Friendly Veterinary Professional (CFVP). She also is Dr. Gaby’s right hand woman with finding her rescues their furever homes.