Heather began as a volunteer at the hospital in 2014.  She soon became part  of the team, at first juggling two jobs just to be around your pets.  You will have undoubtedly met Heather helping you at reception but that is not where her talents end. She  also helps the veterinarians with treatments and diagnostics as a veterinary assistant. Heather always finds time to  cuddle your pets (our patients) and Dr. Gaby’s rescue cats. She provides that feeling of home to your pets while they are staying with us. Heather  has earned her  Certification as  a Cat Friendly Veterinary Professional (CFVP) and  a Certified Cat Friendly Veterinary Advocate (CFVA). In her spare time Heather especially loves to cook, explore the city and to  attend to her cats’ every need. Heather also likes to keep up with AAFP webinars.