She just got adopted 2/25/12  and lives with Fairfax and a cat called Daphne now! Yeah.Lia is a 3 year old pleasantly plump spayed tortie DSH . She was rescued on May 10, 2011. We rescued her with 1 day old kittens. 2 died and 2 went on to get adopted. This leaves out Lia here alone. Lia is soooo sweet. She loves playing with the Wand Toy, loves sitting in windows and staring at birds, she loves being cuddled, she is great with other animals and loves to snuggle in her bed with whatever cat is around. She is a totally non confrontational kittty. We think that she would thrieve in a quiet household. SHE HAS OFFICIALLY BEEN HERE THE LONGEST :-( Please give her the love she deserves.